Gunman Pleads Guilty to Assault During Movie

Associated Press

A part-time security guard with a history of emotional problems has pleaded guilty to firing a handgun and wounding a woman as she watched the movie "Schindler's List."

James Kirby pleaded guilty to assault Monday in connection with the Jan. 6 shooting of Ellen Campbell as she sat in front of him at a downtown theater.

"I think he should go to prison," said Campbell, who is recuperating from the bullet wound to her back.

Under a plea bargain, Superior Court Judge John Thompson will decide Kirby's sentence July 12.

Defense attorney Raymond Vecchio, who contends that the shooting was accidental, said he will ask the judge to grant probation to Kirby, 46. But prosecutor Daniel Lamborn said Kirby deserves a prison sentence of up to nine years. He has a history of threatening behavior, the prosecutor said.

After his arrest, Kirby told police that his handgun discharged during an emotional scene from the Oscar-winning movie, during which Nazi soldiers were chasing Jews.

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