Some wild golf on the fox network:...

Some wild golf on the fox network: Fred Van Allen, an L.A. Times real estate advertising rep, was making his first foray ever into the wilds of Orange County to play golf. On one hole, he hit a tee shot that landed a foot short of a sand bunker on Mile Square Course in Fountain Valley, then watched as a fox emerged from the nearby trees.

"He comes after my ball," Van Allen said, "and puts it in his mouth, just like a dog. Then he walks about 15 feet and drops it. I thought, 'Great, he gives me a better lie.' "

But the critter wasn't through playing the hole.

"He takes about half a step," Van Allen continued, "squats over the ball and urinates on it. Then he looks over his shoulder at me and runs off into the lot next door. I was really in disbelief."

Van Allen disposed of the ball--from a distance. He said: "I smacked it over the fence in the direction the fox went."


No doubt they're flushed with pride: Moving indoors, here are the local ZIP codes with the highest average number of bathrooms per house purchased during the last five years, as compiled by John Karevoll of Dataquick Information Systems.

* 90210 (Beverly Hills): 4.12

* 90077 (Bel-Air): 3.85

* 91361 (Westlake Village): 3.73

* 90020 (Hancock Park): 3.61

* 91302 (Calabasas): 3.40

* 91436 (Van Nuys): 3.22

* 90049 (Bel-Air): 3.13

* 91301 (Agoura): 3.12

* 90212 (Beverly Hills): 3.09

* 90024 (Westwood, Holmby Hills): 3.02

Actually, we're surprised that 90024 came in a distant 10th, since it is the home of producer Aaron Spelling's 56,500-square-foot mansion.


Holy Terwillikers: Malcolm Willits of the Collectors Book Store in Hollywood sent along a photo indicating that architect Frank Gehry's startling design for the new Disney Concert Hall isn't so avant-garde after all. It was predated more than 40 years ago by the futuristic set designed for the movie "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T." The latter structure was also made for music--it's a castle where the evil Dr. Terwilliker operates a piano school for 500 captive boys.


Obviously, she never rode to the beach with any ho-daddies: Art Vinsel of San Pedro, hearing that owners of woodies were meeting locally, called one hotel to see if the old station wagons were gathered there.

"There was great confusion," he reports, "and I was put on hold while the receptionist queried the administration--all this after I explained what a woodie is: i.e., 'those wonderful old wooden-sided vehicles that were popular many years ago.' "

Finally, the hotel manager came on the line and told Vinsel she knew nothing about it and really doubted anyone would pick her hotel "for a display of covered wagons."


Glendale-based Baskin-Robbins, which once introduced a Gorbachocolate flavor for the visit of the former Soviet leader, delivered several gallons of Cinnamon Almond Tax Crunch to President Clinton during his recent visit. Guess the company ruled out sending him Rocky Road, or, even more symbolic, Whitewater Chocolate.

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