CLOSING BY DESIGN: If you haven't seen...

CLOSING BY DESIGN: If you haven't seen the dream house of Orange County interior designers, your last chance is today or Sunday. The 8,000-square-foot House of Design, in Anaheim's Peralta Hills, displays the talents of about 20 local interior designers. The $17 for your tour is a charitable donation, for the Orange County Philharmonic Society. . . . More than 6,000 people have toured since it opened April 30. You can reach it only by shuttle bus. Parking details are at (714) 840-7542.

FOR JOSE: Jose Aguirre had many dreams: become a pro boxer, get a college degree, and help stop gang violence in his Anaheim neighborhood. Solevar, a Latino solidarity group, had even secured $10,000 in state grants for his education. But the 19-year-old Golden Gloves competitor was killed in a drive-by shooting last month. . . . Now Solevar plans to raise scholarship funds for others in his name. First step: a carwash today at the St. Boniface Church in Anaheim.

NETWORKING: Folks at the Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County are always trying to get others involved in community projects. Now, its executive director, Carol Stone, has carried her message about as far as she can--to Moscow. . . . She's there for three weeks, to help put together a volunteer management workbook for the Russian government. She and a colleague are staying at the Russian Charity House, which assists the disabled in Moscow.

CYCLING COUNSELOR: When Ken Francis, 31, bicycled cross-country in the mid-'80s, he says he met so many people with sad stories it propelled his desire to become a counselor. Now Francis, a counselor at Garden Grove and Los Alamitos high schools for the nonprofit social services group Straight Talk, is on the road again. . . . He left Friday to travel the country again by bicycle, this time as a fund-raiser to help Straight Talk's tight budget. He expects to raise about $60,000 through sponsors of his trip.

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