The June 7 Primary Election : Alternate Choices for State Schools Supt.

* I'm still incredulous over your support of Delaine Eastin for state superintendent of public instruction, especially after you acknowledged one of her major flaws--her obligations to the California Teachers Assn.! You have high praise for Maureen DiMarco, yet you did not recommend her.

I strongly request that the editorial board reconsider its endorsement. DiMarco has been an advocate for students and quality education long before her public service began.

Ten years ago she started working at the state level first as the special consultant to the California Department of Education, then as executive consultant to the superintendent of public schools, and finally as the governor's cabinet secretary for child development and education. She has steadfastly promoted what was best for education and children.

She has also worked successfully with both Democrats and Republicans to help keep our school budgets from drastic cuts during hard financial times. I strongly believe she has enough political savvy to do the job. She has the integrity and intelligence to to make the reforms in education that will most benefit the students.



* As an elementary school teacher, I'm concerned about the inefficiency of bilingual education. I applaud the "ending bilingual education now" platform of Gloria Matta Tuchman, candidate for state superintendent of public instruction. I've found the general public is unaware bilingual education means numerous students are taught to read and write in their native language.

This is happening in the classroom at the expense of all English learners who must wait for the teacher's attention.

Tuchman will end the state's bilingual program and implement an inexpensive and effective English immersion program. It's time we elect an elementary-school teacher who has been in the classroom and knows what does and doesn't work.



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