Survey Forecasts Better Job Market in 3rd Quarter

Ventura County’s job market will stabilize in the third quarter, according to a survey of major employers by Manpower Inc.

The vast majority of the companies responding to the survey--73%--said they expect no change in the size of their payrolls in the three months starting July 1.

Of the remaining companies, 9% plan increased hiring, 6% expect layoffs and 12% are undecided.

The latest findings represent a net improvement over job prospects three months ago.


At that time, 17% of the companies expected to increase hiring in the second quarter while 27% expected layoffs.

However, the county’s employment outlook lags behind that of California and the nation. Statewide, 23% of large companies predict increased work forces and 10% expect layoffs. In the nation, 29% plan increased hiring while 7% expect layoffs.

Ventura County’s jobless rate in April was 7.4%, compared with 9.1% statewide.