Health Care

Regarding Donella Meadows' suggestions on health care (Commentary, May 13):

Her words make up the clearest and most logical statement expressed to date. She is correct in asserting that it makes no difference whether health-care costs are paid to the government and called taxes, or to insurance companies and called premiums.

By reducing "bureaucracy, advertising, lobbying, litigating, stockholders, lush corporate offices and exorbitant executive salaries," health care no longer is a profit-making enterprise dominated by insurance companies.

Nor do I have more faith in the medical decisions of insurance companies rather than those of a broad citizens' committee made up of non-professional and professional citizens. Their aim only need be giving the best and the most to the most people.

A simple workable single-payer system can evolve ultimately. Let us begin to work it out now and thank you, Donella Meadows.


Los Angeles

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