You’re Lyin’, Guys

Regarding “They Can Tell You Why,” Robert Hilburn’s cover story on Don Henley, Glenn Frey and the reunited Eagles (May 22):

OK, let me see if I understand this. Don Henley calls me “cynical” for being outraged, stunned and above all thoroughly disgusted and disappointed at the exorbitant amount of money I was charged for my Eagles ticket? Well what does he expect? He says he’s having fun and doesn’t give a damn!

Then I read further, only to be told that the Eagles already have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives without help from this tour. (Duh.) This tour is something they wanted to do. Oh, please!

Don’t get me wrong. I stood in line for five hours and spent the money because I love the music these talented people have created and am thrilled at the chance to see them in concert again after so many years.


But am I cynical for having a not-so-peaceful, slightly uneasy feeling that I’m being a tad ripped off? I’m sorry Henley feels this way.


Los Angeles

Let’s see. The Eagles haven’t played together in 14 years and charge $115 per ticket. Pearl Jam, one of rock’s most popular bands, announced plans for a tour on which they would charge no more than $18 per ticket.


Now, Don and Glenn, tell me again how you’re not doing it for the money. To paraphrase a line from an old Eagles song: “I wish you peace (of mind).”


Mission Viejo

I enjoyed Hilburn’s story. But the question not asked is why wasn’t original Eagles bass player Randy Meisner asked to be a part of the reunion.

Current bass player Timothy B. Schmit is a fine musician and singer, but Meisner played and sang on all of the group’s studio albums except the last one, and he deserves to be there.


Buena Park