Publications Offer More Tips

From Associated Press

A few examples of publications that provide information on free or nearly free consumer items:

"1001 Free Goodies & Cheapies," "Lesko's Info-Power," "Getting Yours: The Complete Guide to Government Money," "What to Do When You Can't Afford Health Care," by Matthew Lesko, published by Information USA Inc., Kensington, Md.

"Free Stuff For Kids," and "More Free Stuff For Kids," published by Meadowbrook Press, Deephaven, Minn.

"The Official Freebies" books for families, kids, fans and teachers, published by Lowell House, Los Angeles.

"Freebies" magazine, P.O. Box 5025, Carpinteria, Calif.

"Freebies & More," "Freebies for Kids & Parents," "Free Stuff for Your Pets," "Freebies & Free Food for Those Over Fifty," "How to Fly Free," by Linda Bowman, published by Probus Publishing Co., Chicago.

"1001 Things You Can Get Free," "Free Stuff From Uncle Sam," "Free Things for Kids to Write Away For," catalogues published by Jetco Advertising, Livingston, N.J.

"Free Lunch on Wall Street," by Charles Carlson, published by McGraw-Hill.

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