Additional Volleys on Gun Control

Your Bob Corbin story ("The Straight Shooter," May 18) is beautifully written and beautifully informative. Thank you for it.

For the record, I am not a member of the NRA. I am a reserve law-enforcement officer, however, and am sworn to defend the Constitution. And I'm trained to assume that every suspect has a weapon until I've determined otherwise. I have no reason to believe that any gun-control legislation will negate that training.


Cedar Glen


Re: Bob Corbin, gun zealot. I'd like to ask him and his ilk a question or two: Who do you think is more dangerous--the solitary criminal with just guile and a criminal instinct, or a nationwide lobbying organization bent on protecting the right to be macho, meanwhile enabling easy acquisition of guns by the above criminal and any other nefarious person who desires?

Can there be any doubt that one of our most prominent legacies reviewed by historians will be that of being the most violent society to ever occupy a plot of soil on this planet? People of the future as well as the majority of citizens now must shake their heads as they ponder how much longer we can go on dispatching 50,000 of more of our own citizens each year while we are supposedly at peace.


San Diego

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