Change of Address Baffles Resident

* Recently, the neighborhood in which I live was victimized by yet another example of inconsiderate and calloused government bureaucracy. This one arrived in the mail box. After 31 years at the same address in Canoga Park, the U.S. Postal service has unilaterally decided and subsequently informed me though an "Official Notice" that I now live in Winnetka. The street name is the same. The number is the same. The house looks like it is still where I left it the day before. However, suddenly, I've moved! The Postal Service is trying to accomplish that which even the earthquakes, floods and fires have failed to do.

I know many people have taken "to the hills" (West) to shed their Canoga Park address. I happen to like Canoga Park. "Canoga" rolls of the tongue very poetically. "Park" conjures up a vision of trees, flowers, tranquillity.

Conversely, "Winnetka" evokes a vision of a windy, cold Chicago suburb and in pronouncing the name, the "t" and the "k" stick in my throat. For at least 31 years, Winnetka has been a sign on Winnetka Avenue near Vanowen Street and the, now-defunct Big Noise (on Winnetka) tavern. I am not trying to pick a fight with those who live in Winnetka, California or Illinois. However, there are folks in Winnetka (the California one) trying to "take to the hills" (Woodland) themselves. Why not try to mend that leak instead and leave me alone?

The Postal Service also appended four numerals to my ZIP code. I will gladly add that to my ZIP code if it makes mail processing and delivery more efficient. I do not see how changing the name of a patch of turf in Los Angeles contributes to that effort!

Sign my name "I ain't moving"!


Canoga Park

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