Lacking a Bunch

The first time we visited Two Bunch (a.k.a. Two Much) Palms, we too, felt great. The novelty wears thin on subsequent returns.

Having just returned, I read with interest your article ("Weekend Escape," May 1). My husband and I have visited the resort many times. This was our last.

We found the resort greatly overpriced. A room that costs $278 and features run-down furnishings, shower with cold water only and a hotel staff which seems without training, is not competitive with similarly priced hotels. Our lunch featured dried-out pieces of turkey with stale bread. Three people left messages for us; we received only one.

Although the massages were wonderful, we don't think the spa can overcompensate for the weak accommodations. Did the author of the article get special fares?


Century City


Editor's note: Weekend Escape writers visit establishments anonymously and pay the going rate.

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