Simpson Murder Case : The Mystery Envelope

Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell, holding a lumpy, business-sized package returned from a recess in the hearing Friday to announce that she would open the surprise evidence at the suggestion of Superior Court Supervising Judge Cecil Mills. After protests from both sides, however, Kennedy-Powell put off opening the envelope until the attorneys submitted briefs on what to do with it.

TV Ratings

Here is how Los Angeles television stations fared in the first day of O.J. Simpson's preliminary hearing.

KCBS-TV Channel 2 led all local coverage with a 5.1 rating during the live portion of the hearing.

KNBC-TV Channel 4 was second with a 5 rating.

KABC-TV Channel 7 had a 4.7 rating.


"All I'm prepared to tell you is that Judge Delbert Wong, who is a retired judge of the Superior Court, acted as a special master . . . and recovered whatever that item is. Where and when and what it is, I do not know."

Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell on the surprise envelope

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