Preliminary Hearing for O. J. Simpson

After enduring the first day (June 30) of the O.J. Simpson preliminary hearing on all the television stations in Los Angeles, I am disgusted. The death of a young woman and man in a brutal way is no longer lamented; rather the accused is more eulogized by the media and the general public. The trial in the media has focused more on how great of a person O.J. Simpson is rather than the brutality of the murder that he is accused of being responsible for.

Now, after the first day the Simpson lawyer, Robert Shapiro, is attempting to throw out crucial and incriminating evidence because of a legal loophole. For most of us this move is disgusting because the average person would not get this kind of overpaid treatment. It seems that the justice system unduly favors those with more wealth. This country in my opinion is sick when such "tabloidesque" stories overshadow such crucial happenings such as health care reform, which unlike the Simpson case will affect us all.

Responsible journalism should be lamented because it has departed from this country. The new tabloid news is king and unfortunately seems to be capturing the whole nation's attention and ratings.




* Re "Simpson Lawyers Move to Suppress Evidence," June 30:

Instead of the press reporting the number of letters Simpson receives each day (3,500), perhaps we should focus on the number of letters the families of the victims receive. This might give us an indication of the percentage of the population that have their priorities straight.


Newport Beach


* Richard McKenzie's "Under Siege From Assault Journalism," (Column Right, June 26) identified a legitimate problem, but conveniently sidesteps the real issue. Blaming journalists for the Simpson media mess is like blaming soldiers for a war.

The legitimate news media used to be more or less insulated from the "bottom line." Thanks to the takeover of the news business by big business (especially the profit-obsessed media conglomerates) "success" in journalism is no longer measured by solid reporting, but by getting (by whatever means) the biggest share of viewers/readers. The new journalism has but one rule: Big audiences equal big profits.

Could it just be a coincidence, Mr. McKenzie, that this trend among the mainstream media developed during a series of big-business Republican administrations?


Simi Valley


* It's a modern gladiator contest. Simpson vs. the media. Played in the multimillion-seat coliseum full of couch potatoes.


Redondo Beach


* What has become of our Congress? How dare they choose to pray or say a minute's prayer for O.J. Simpson (June 30)!

Did these fools forget that two people were slaughtered, and two small children were left without a mother? The prayers should have been said for the victims and not this high-profile individual.

It is bad enough that there are more fools in this world who forget the victims, but, please, spare us the stupidity of the "Congress" being so offensive.


Los Angeles

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