Tammy Faye’s Look Is Forever


Just when you thought it was safe to put on your eye makeup: Makeover magazine (a summer magazine special from the people who bring you People) certainly lives up to its name. Everyone and everything gets made over in these pages--celebs, twins, living rooms, future daughters-in-law, contents of refrigerators.

But one person the magazine didn’t--or couldn’t--mess with is Tammy Faye Messner (tack “Bakker” on instead of “Messner” and you’ll recognize her). Who would dare tamper with those Betty Boop eyelashes or cache of ultra-perky wigs?

Anyway, Tammy Faye has taken it upon herself to improve on her own unique style--she’s had her makeup tattooed on. Yep, no more smears and smudges for this gal. Permanent eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrows have made her life that much easier.


“The most wonderful thing,” she confesses, “is waking up and not having your eyebrows rubbed out on the pillow.”

Kind-of Crime and Punishment: While perusing the shelves of our favorite bookstore megaplex the other day, we saw a father lightly admonish his toddler son not to throw his baseball cap at the books.

“Don’t throw the cap,” he said. “Don’t throw the cap. C’mon, don’t throw the cap.”

His pleading was for naught; the boy kept throwing the cap.

What’s a dad to do then? Revert to threats. But nothing as predictable as “No Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for a year.”

Oh, no, this was a dad of the ‘90s.

“Throw the cap and you’re not going to college,” he said.

Ah, the Night Life: An awards ceremony with the grandiose title “Heroes of the Night” might be expected to honor paramedics, emergency room doctors or Domino’s pizza deliverers. Instead it was the first salute to local night life.

Among those recognized at Tatou last week by a panel of “trendies, players and regulars of the L.A. night scene” for making Los Angeles a more desirable place to prowl after dark were:


Best Club: House of Blues

Best Bar: The Whiskey at the Sunset Marquis

Best DJ: Doc Marten

Best Party of the Year: D.A.S.K. on Memorial Day in Palm Springs

Best Promoter: Brent Bolthouse

Best Doorman: Rudy Mattea, at the House of Blues

Best After-Hours Club: Prague (now on hiatus)

Best Weekly Event: Wednesdays at the Gate

Tatou’s creative director, Rudolf, said the reaction of the winners “ranged from total surprise to ‘this is a confirmation of my birthright,’ with the majority in the latter category. Nightclubs are a big-ego industry.”

Top This, Barbara Bush: One more way the current First Lady has distinguished herself from Barbara Bush is that there’s now a 32-page newsletter devoted to her life. Written with an indulgent tone (the feeling is, she’s our Hillary, warts and all), the Hillary Clinton Quarterly covers a beat that might get lost in normal news coverage.

There’s an item about the founders of a Hillary Clinton Fan Club, who were “very excited” to get a personal call from the object of their admiration.

There’s the poem “Our Hillary V” (“She seems to rise from the chair like Aphrodite”), a four-page analysis of her relationship with her Methodist faith, and a fictional story that explains the First Lady’s interest in baseball by revealing she had once been drafted by the Detroit Tigers.