No Kidding

Shawn Hubler's "Home Away From Home" (June 5) on too-precious-for-words Mendocino was your most valuable offering in months. Parents need to be warned about these places, just as they need to know about health, weather and war zones. Our children have been welcome at restaurants and B&B;'s in Canada and Europe; Mendocino's preponderance of kid-hostile B&B;'s reflect a deplorable attitude more common in some U.S. establishments.

SANDY HACK, Culver City


As one of the innkeepers in Mendocino I realize the importance of catering to families. We have tailored a number of our rooms to accommodate families and welcome children of any age in our dining rooms. There is so much history in our town, and so much beauty, that we would hate for any child not to visit.

DALE STANDFAST, General Manager, Mendocino Hotel


I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading of Shawn Hubler's trip to Mendocino. In fact, I've read it over twice and laughed many times. Many thanks for sharing such a delightful vacation with us. I'm going to read it again!


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