Smoking Ban May Be Added to City Code : LOS ALAMITOS

Smoking will not be allowed in virtually all buildings owned or leased by the city under an ordinance the City Council will consider today.

The smoking ban would cover offices, dining areas, meeting places, chambers and city-owned or leased vehicles.

Despite the strict measure, smoking would be allowed in Rooms A and B in the city's Community Center Building during designated hours.

Currently, smoking is allowed inside private offices of city employees and other designated areas, but the ordinance would prohibit smoking altogether, except for the two rooms at the Community Center.

The smoking ordinance is one of several changes to the city code that council members will consider today.

A consultant hired to review the existing city code has recommended a "housekeeping" effort to repeal unnecessary ordinances and clarify some seemingly conflicting local laws. Once the housekeeping is completed, the city code will be published, officials said.

In addition to the no-smoking ordinance, the council will consider an amendment to an ordinance that would allow City Manager Robert C. Dunek to approve contracts of less than $10,000 without consulting the council.

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