THE NEXT LOS ANGELES / TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION : Public Safety : Can we agree on down-to-earth steps to ensure that community-based policing actually will work? : THE TIMES POLL : How to make L.A. County Safer From Crime


Resident’s top recommendations for making L.A. County safer from crime. (Accepted up to two replies):

More police: 35%

Tougher laws, tougher sentences for criminals: 15%

Crack down on gangs: 19%

More police involvement in the community: 6%

Improve education system: 5% Who’s most responsible for making L.A. County safer from crime?

Government: 35%

Family: 24%

Individual: 20%

Schools: 4%

Religious Institutions: 2%

Business: 2%

All equally: 10%

Would you spend a few hours every few months volunteering to make L.A. County safer from crime?


Yes: 60%

No: 35%

Don’t know: 5% Which one of these ideas do you think would be most effective?

Make sure convicts serve their sentences: 27%

Automate police stations: 21%

Housing subsidies for police officers: 14%

Organize “graffiti paint-outs”: 13%

teach teen-agers about sexual violence: 8%

Create defensible spaces: 7%

Other/None: 5%

Note: Numbers may not add up to 100% because some responses are not shown.