THOUSAND OAKS : Planners Recommend Limits on Building


Construction would be severely limited on hundreds of acres in remote areas of Thousand Oaks under a recommendation by the Thousand Oaks Planning Commission.

Over the objections of a lawyer for Prudential Insurance Co., which owns or has a stake on all three parcels involved, the commission recommended late Monday that the property be rezoned to protect the land from dense development.

If the Thousand Oaks City Council approves the planning recommendations, developers would be allowed to build nine homes on the most hotly contested property--200 acres next to Hidden Valley. Prior zoning would have allowed as many as 40 houses to be built in the hilly terrain.


The commission also voted to limit construction to three homes on 24 acres that straddle the city’s boundary with Westlake Village. No houses would be allowed on 26 acres in the North Ranch area, where a landfill once operated, under the recommendation.

Thousand Oaks attorney Charles Cohen told the commission that there were no plans for housing projects on any of the properties in the near future, but Prudential would have preferred to have the option for development, he said.

The City Council will vote on zoning for the three parcels in September.