"Emoticons" used on on-line services.

:-) smile, used to convey sarcasm. "Oh, right. And you only read it for the articles. :-)"

;-) wink. "I bet you say that to all the users. ;-)"

:-( unhappy face.

%-) crossed eyes. "I've been backing up my hard drive all day. %-)."

:'-( tears.

:-& tongue-tied.

l-O yawn. "So I stood in line for an hour to see 'Forrest Gump.' Major l-O."

O:-) angel.

:-D big smile. "Thanks for your messages, made my day. :-D."

:-J tongue in cheek.

:-x kiss. "I'm sorry I flamed you . . . just having a bad day. :-x."

:/) not funny.

:-O eeeeek. "I signed on and found a message from Mr. Married Guy. :-O"

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