United Way Cuts Were Unexpected

* I am writing in response to the July 10 letter to the editor from Jonathan Jacobs, chairman of the United Way North Angeles region.

United Way is having severe financial difficulties, and the volunteers connected with United Way are doing their best with a very difficult situation. However, as chief executive officer of two of the agencies (Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services and Julia Ann Singer Center) who took one of the more severe cuts from North Angeles Region, I must take exception to a couple of Mr. Jacobs’ comments--in particular, since Vista Del Mar and Julia Ann Singer had extremely positive site reviews by the United Way Allocations Committees.

Vista Del Mar and Julia Ann Singer received 95% cuts of their funding from the North Angeles Region. Our agencies had no warning of an impending cut of this size and nature, and therefore we were unable to plan or budget accordingly. The impact of this cut on a population which is severely in need will only exacerbate the problems currently encountered by disadvantaged youth and their families.

My board of directors and I sympathize with United Way’s plight, but effective management requires discussion and planning to most ably meet the best interests of all involved.



Los Angeles