Museum Funding

* The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum are national, even international, treasures. I heartily concur, therefore, with the July 16 editorial supporting the recent decisions by the Board of Supervisors to provide ongoing funding for these two museums.

The needs facing us are great--law enforcement, public health, libraries, beach patrols, etc. Despite these many pressing needs, or maybe because of them, we also must find sufficient governmental resources to support our arts institutions.

As we all know, urban living is not easy. Cultural institutions like these museums are one of the key reasons that people continue to live in cities. The importance of these museums to the future of Los Angeles simply cannot be overstated.

I am proud of my record of support for these museums, and commend The Times for its recognition that government funding of the arts--these wonderful museums in particular--is of paramount importance in these difficult times.



Supervisor, Third District

Los Angeles County