CYPRESS : Resolution Endorses Rams’ Local Presence

The city loves the Los Angeles Rams.

That was the message in a recent City Council resolution that urged the Rams not to leave Orange County.

By a 5-0 vote last week, the council passed the resolution, which is similar to those being endorsed by other cities in the county, including Santa Ana. The resolution noted that although Anaheim is the home of the Rams, the football team brings economic benefits “throughout the Orange County area.”

The resolution also praised Rams players for helping out with many local charities. If the Rams move, the resolution said, many charities “will suffer because of a loss of revenue.”


Business in Orange County would be hurt if the Rams leave, according to the resolution. The measure said that many businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, “enjoy more trade because of the Rams,” and that some people in the county “will become unemployed if the Rams move.”

Finally, the resolution warned that the county could not contemplate luring a replacement team if the Rams were to pull out. “Other teams in the National Football League will be closely watching the situation with the Rams to determine if the fan support is sufficient to support professional football in Orange County,” the resolution said.