BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Jackson Protests ‘Wordless’ Ejection

Angel outfielder Bo Jackson protested to the American League office Wednesday morning about his ejection Tuesday against the Seattle Mariners, hoping to avert a possible suspension.

Jackson, ejected Tuesday night by home-plate umpire Al Clark, vehemently denied that he said a word to Clark until his ejection. He then heaved a 25-pound bag of balls onto the field, along with a carton of sunflower seeds, and the crowd got into the action, tossing balls, money and toilet paper onto the field.

“I cursed myself,” Jackson said, “I didn’t say a thing to him. I just looked over at their dugout, looked into space, and said, ‘Son of a . . . . I never looked at the umpire. I just kicked dirt over the plate, and he threw me out. I commenced to lose my religion.

“You can’t win in a situation like that. Officials (umpires) have gotten too big for the game. You can’t question them. You can’t look at them. You can’t say anything.”


Clark, a veteran of 18 years and considered one of the league’s most respected umpires, filed a report and sent it to the league office. He informed Angel Manager Marcel Lachemann of the contents but did not want to divulge details.


Lachemann still is livid over pitcher Phil Leftwich’s nonchalance in his attempt to pick up Felix Fermin’s grounder, and ensuing throwing error Tuesday, and has yet to decide whether he will even let him pitch in his scheduled start Sunday.

“I don’t like the way he went after the ball,” Lachemann said. “It was a very lackadaisical effort. I don’t care if he throws the ball 100 feet into the stands if you go after it aggressively.”


Said Leftwich, who spoke with Lachemann: “I caught my spike in my shoelace, and I rolled my ankle again. But I just kind of lost it out there.

“He took me out because he was (teed off) at me, and if I had been manager, I would have done the same thing. There was no excuse.”