Probably Making a Run for the Border

<i> Newsday</i>

Two Taco Bell customers at the store in Shirley, N.Y., didn’t get the order they paid $3 for at the drive-up window on May 1, but they didn’t complain.

Instead of the seven-layer chicken burrito and two Meximelts inside their bag, they found the day’s receipts for the store--$1,940 in cash. Now the police want them for grand larceny.

Explained Detective Lt. Dennis Caine: “The night manager was putting together the receipts for a night deposit. She went over to the counter, pulled a bag and put the bank bag inside. The girl working the window grabbed the bag, thinking it was an order, and handed it to the people outside.

“Who looks in a Taco Bell bag?”


The man and woman have not been seen since.