Joe Camel vs. the Marlboro Man

Associated Press

Across the country, Joe Camel is apparently bursting through billboards advertising his biggest rival, the Marlboro Man.

Joe Camel peers over an image of a cowboy on horseback and holds out a pack of Camel Lights. The tag line reads: “Genuine Taste, Never Boring.”

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. thought the time was right to go after Marlboro smokers, said Peggy Carter, a spokeswoman.

At the end of the fiscal second quarter, Marlboro had 28.8% of the estimated $48-billion U.S. cigarette market. Camel had about 3.8% of the market.


“We’re saying, ‘Hey, competitive smoker, we’re talking to you,’ in that fun and irreverent vein that is Joe Camel’s style,” Carter said.