WORLD IN BRIEF : RWANDA : More Hutus Flee as French Troops Leave

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

A new refugee exodus appeared under way after 5,000 Hutus crossed into Bukavu, Zaire, from the Rwandan border town of Cyangugu. U.N. officials said that, in the coming week, a million Hutus could stream out of the French-protected zone in southwestern Rwanda and into eastern Zaire. International relief workers in the French "safe zone" distributed food, shelter and medical supplies--as well as leaflets urging people not to leave--in a desperate effort to avert a new tragedy. The new Hutu refugees are driven by panic over withdrawal of French troops and by fear of an ensuing slaughter by the new Tutsi-controlled government to avenge the half-million or more deaths of Tutsis by Hutu extremists during Rwanda's three-month civil war.

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