In "Art for Artist's Sake" (July 17), Jonathan Gold writes: "I suppose sometimes it's nice to have somebody actually see your art, even if it is Canadians." It's so gratifying to hear that we are deemed a worthy audience for his friend's paintings. Maybe when I'm back home I'll fire up the dog sled and ride into town to check out the show--that is, if I'm not too busy hunting walrus or caribou.

All this on the same day that The Times' Travel section has a headline stating that Canada has 13 provinces. Perhaps the newspaper staff needs to read up a bit more on the U.S.A.'s neighbor to the north!



At a time when obscure elitism and political agendas are repelling general public interest in the arts, Gold's column on Walter Lab provided an intimate window on an artist of quality. However, by using only the artist's first name, Walter's dilemma was perpetuated. As my wife pointed out: "Oh look! Walter got his anonymity in the paper!"


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