COSTA MESA : Cable TV Talk Show on Council Agenda

Have any questions concerning Costa Mesa? Intrigued by the immigration issue? The plight of the homeless? Gang problems? Cultural harassment? Cultural differences?

Costa Mesa residents may soon find a forum for these community issues via a new cable network television talk show coming to the community this fall--that is, if the City Council approves the idea at its meeting tonight.

“This is an opportunity for a format that will foster a good attitude with the ethnic changes going on about us,” said Karen McGlinn, chairwoman of the human relations committee for the city of Costa Mesa.

“But it’s not to be the gripe line,” she adds. “It’s not for people to call in and complain about potholes. It’s so the citizens can become educated about the changing face of the city.”


If approved tonight, the talk show would air beginning in October on Channel 61, a public-access channel. Citizens could place calls to City Hall during the week, and the show’s host, who has yet to be named, would respond to them by week’s end.

City officials will be interviewed to give citizens a peek into how Costa Mesa works, and prominent citizens will give presentations on a local clubs, organizations and businesses.

Copley Colony Television will train the volunteers who will create and host the show, McGlinn said. They will include college students interested in a broadcast or public relations career. The host will be selected by the Human Relations Committee.

This is not the first effort in by the city to generate dialogue among citizens. A few years back, residents would gather in their living rooms once a week and discuss issues affecting the city. But enthusiasm soon tapered off.


“But now we’re going to bring the living room to them,” McGlinn said.