SIMI VALLEY : More Hot Weather and Smog Forecast

The oppressive summer heat in the east county continued to force Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks residents to seek relief in pools and air-conditioned homes Monday, and forecasters said the end of the sweltering weather is still several days away.

In Simi Valley, where temperatures hit 97 degrees and air quality approachedan unhealthful level, city-run day camps canceled plans for more strenuous outdoor activities in favor of games that were either quiet or wet.

“We’re dividing our time between the shade of the trees and the public pools,” said Diana Riley, city recreation supervisor.

“Our biggest concern has been the smog,” she said. “Most of the children don’t like the heat, but they are pretty accustomed to it by now.”


Despite the high temperatures, county officials reported smog levels in Simi Valley, Moorpark and Thousand Oaks were lower Monday than initially expected.

Air quality for the inland part of the county was rated as moderate, not unhealthful, which county forecasters said was a welcome relief.

“Usually when you have a high pressure system like the one that’s bringing us this heat, you expect it will act like a lid, and keep pollutants trapped in the area,” said Gary Arcemont, a Ventura County Air Pollution Control District meteorologist. “But that isn’t always the case, as we can see today.”

However, the district is forecasting unhealthful air in Simi Valley today and possibly throughout the week.


Air quality in Thousand Oaks will be near the unhealthful level today, while it will remain moderate in the rest of the county, district meteorologists said.

Today and Wednesday, temperatures in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks are expected to remain in the 90s, while temperatures in Ojai and Fillmore were expected to hit 100.

The coastal areas will remain cooler in the 70s and 80s, meteorologists said.

Cooler breezes from over the Pacific Ocean are not expected to reach inland areas until the end of the week, said Curtiss Brack, forecaster with WeatherData Inc., which forecasts weather for The Times.