THOUSAND OAKS : Fees Will Increase at Library, Branch

Beginning Sept. 1, the Thousand Oaks Library and the Newbury Park Branch will increase fees for the replacement of library cards, inter-library requests and microfilm copies.

The libraries will also provide a new service so that borrowers can reserve nonfiction videos for a $2 fee.

“It’s just a way of helping to recoup our costs,” library Deputy Director Steve Brogden said of the increases. “These fees are not out of line. They are to bring us in line with other libraries.”

The most notable change will be the increased cost for inter-library requests. If neither the Thousand Oaks Library nor the Newbury Park Branch owns a requested book, it will cost $2 to borrow that book from another library. Previously, the fee for that service was only 50 cents.


The fee for a microfilm copy will increase from 15 cents to 25 cents Sept. 1, and the fee to order microfilm of a census will increase from $3.50 to $5.

The replacement fee for library cards, which is now $1 for the first replacement and $5 for the second, will be $2.