SANTA ANA : Zoo Is Organizing an African Safari

The Santa Ana Zoo has long offered a glimpse of exotic wildlife in a natural setting, but now it plans to raise money by going one step further.

Starting in February, the zoo will take its patrons to see the real thing during a 13-day trip to Kenya.

“It’s an opportunity to see some of the best game viewing in East Africa,” said director Ron Glazier. “There’s nothing like seeing an animal in its natural environment. It’s just a different experience.”

While other zoos have sponsored similar treks, this will be the first such safari offered locally. Included in the trip’s $3,175 price tag is a $100 donation to the zoo.


“It is kind of a fund-raiser, but it is an educational trip as well,” Glazier said. The trip is expected to raise $3,000 for the zoo’s capital improvement fund, he said.

Travelers will leave from New York on Feb. 12 and return there Feb. 24. The itinerary includes a stop in Vienna before proceeding to Nairobi, where visitors will stop at several game preserves.

“Unfortunately, the wildlife is disappearing in some of these areas. It’s good to see them in areas that are protected,” he said.

Travelers will see animals such as elephants, impala, zebras, ostriches, gazelles and cheetahs.


Zoo officials are planning a slide show presentation in October for people interested in the trip. Information: (714) 836-4000.