German Tourists Room With a Corpse

From Reuters

For the second time in five months, German tourists have unknowingly spent the night in a South Florida motel room that contained a rotting corpse, police say.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday at the Venice hotel, where the manager found the decaying body of a man wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed under a bed. Air fresheners had been placed inside the bag.

Police said the man had been dead for several days, but that the last guests who stayed in the room apparently did not know the corpse was there.

“There was a German family in the room on the 15th and 16th (Monday and Tuesday) and they checked out,” Ft. Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Sonia Friedman said.


An autopsy was pending. Investigators said they were attempting to contact the man who rented the room before the Germans.

In March, a maid at a Travelers hotel near the Miami airport found a decaying female corpse under the mattress in a platform-type bed after a German guest complained of a foul odor in his room.

The German visitor was not a suspect and was allowed to return home. Police were still looking for the man who had occupied the room before him.