SOUTH COUNTY : Water District May Hire New Manager

Tri-Cities Municipal Water District directors may soon be looking for a new general manager to replace Peter Oeth.

Board President William Mecham said Monday that the board has voted in closed session to search for a possible replacement.

Board member Mark Sloate said his motion, which was unanimously approved, directs the board’s personnel committee to begin a search that would not preclude Oeth from applying.

Oeth, 59, was hired nearly a year ago to help guide the water district through administrative changes. His contract expires Oct. 20, according to the district office.


Board member Craig Strickland said he and his colleagues are not out to dump Oeth.

“It has been, all the time, an interim situation,” Strickland said of Oeth’s arrangement. “The idea (of the motion) is to have some suggestions to us by the end of the present contract.”

Mecham said the personnel committee--composed of himself and board member Jim Lawson--was directed to assess the district’s needs as Oeth’s contract nears its end.

“Peter’s performance has been acceptable as far as the board is concerned up to this point,” Mecham said. “We will be looking at many factors.”


The personnel committee will report back to the full board before Oct. 20, Mecham said.

The Tri-Cities Municipal Water District provides water to the city of San Clemente, San Onofre State Park, San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and the Capistrano Beach County Water District.