Education System

As confirmed by three separate LAUSD teachers, if a child is 6, 7, 8 or 9 years old (up to 15) he/she is automatically placed in a class with other students of the same age. Whether IQ is 0 or 200. Whether their English is zero or better than the teacher's. Never mind if the teacher must then spend a good deal of extra time teaching the student how to speak English or understand the lessons being taught the other students. Never mind if the other students are left reading, writing a lesson or doodling.

Never mind the increasingly competitive world market. Never mind if a student can read an employment application. Never mind how your child is hampered, just put them in a grade and graduate them ASAP.

Why not give a student a challenge? Why don't we give new students a basic comprehension test, then put them in an appropriate grade or special school if necessary?



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