Unz Supporters

During the three months since my primary election loss to Gov. Pete Wilson, I have learned that a number of my supporters plan to mount a write-in campaign on my behalf in November, as an act of protest. Although I am very grateful for their continued enthusiasm, I urge them not to do this.

I am not a write-in candidate in November, and any votes for me would be absolutely wasted and would not even be counted by election officials. I based my campaign on principles and policies, not personalities, and I urge the 700,000 Californians who voted for me in the primary to go to the polls in November and cast their ballots for all those candidates up and down the ticket who are true to the core values of the Republican Party--smaller government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations.

I also hope that my supporters--including the many Independents, Democrats and Libertarians who re-registered Republican in order to vote for me--will remain active in the Republican Party, and help return it to the Reaganite principles which once led me and so many young people to join the party in the early 1980s.


Palo Alto

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