Kemp, Bennett Oppose Prop. 187

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If Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp are so concerned about Proposition 187, rather than waste everyone’s time with a media-spin position statement (Oct. 19), I suggest they draft an initiative--or better yet, a federal law--that solves the illegal immigration problem the “right” way.

I agree 187 is a Draconian measure that is bad law. Unfortunately, it is the only club I see within reach to get Washington’s attention when I enter the polling booth.

Let’s have more “real-world” solutions from 187 opponents and less posturing. When I see a better solution on the ballot, I’ll be happy to vote for it.



Lake Forest

I was at the Jack Kemp lecture at the Nixon Library (“Kemp Defends Criticism Before Hostile Audience,” Oct. 20). If you call standing ovations and lots of clapping “an unenthusiastic and sometimes angry audience,” then I don’t really understand “unenthusiastic and angry.” Kemp was very well received. So he is opposed to Proposition 187 because it is a poorly written bill. I can understand that and so did others in the audience. We all realize it’s a poorly written bill, but it’s a start.



I applaud Kemp’s personal stand on 187. Instead of criticizing Kemp for voicing his position, Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) and Robert K. Dornan (R-Garden Grove) should appreciate the opinion of such a respected politician. Contrary to what Rohrabacher claims is an “act of stupidity (that) has knocked him right out of the presidential race,” I have more respect for Kemp now as a politician with a conscience and good sense.

The Republican Party has long been absent in compassion for minorities, which Pete Wilson, Rohrabacher and Dornan continue to prove. For the first time in over 20 years, I intend to cross over party lines to vote against Wilson and any other Republican who supports Proposition 187. It’s encouraging to know if Kemp does run for President, I can find a reason to vote Republican. The California Republicans with all their smoke screens sure can’t give me one.


Dana Point

I understand if Proposition 187 passes, teachers will be told to report students they “suspect” are illegal residents. I’d like to know who teachers are supposed to report to?

While Harold Ezell was director of the Western Region, the INS was already so overwhelmed with paperwork that the agency shut down its mechanism for obtaining information from schools and simply ignored visa students who left school to become “illegal.”

Do Ezell and other proponents of Proposition 187 think the INS is now prepared to hire thousands of employees to handle their new paperwork, or are teachers supposed to report illegal students to each other during their lunch breaks? Since the police already have their hands full, what will be their role in this scenario?


Will a supporter of Proposition 187 please tell me how this law is supposed to work?


Garden Grove

The myth is that if we kick out all the illegal aliens, companies will stay in California and pay high wages to American citizens. Right!