Covina: A Call to Work Together to Solve Problems

It appears we have some unhappy campers in our midst and I’m not just sure what it is they want, besides Tom O’Leary’s, Linda Sarver’s and Tom Falls’ hides (Sept. 22).

A recall is not something to be proud of and yet these same people use this as a weapon to hold over the heads of this council and this city, knowing we do not have the money for such nonsense. Again they would pit neighbor against neighbor. It seems it must be their way or nothing at all. I find this very hard to understand. They live here; some are in business here; they do want the services Covina provides. They just don’t want to pay for them.

Quality of life and our safety is what’s on most people’s minds these days. We know these things cost money and we are willing to pay to have them. Those who speak of recall should put their energy into finding ways to help Covina, not disgrace it any further.

The recall of last year happened and we can’t change that, but let’s all try just as hard to make Covina a gem, not a battleground of malcontents or a place other people will avoid.


My hat is off to this council for having the guts to enact this most controversial issue. I say well done. Now let’s get our streets fixed, clean up the town in general, put our Chamber (of Commerce) to work on bringing new business to Covina, and for those who feel the tax is unwarranted, give this council workable ideas.