Schools and Morals

I have a response to your Nov. 12 editorial, "Working With All Creeds," about the recall of fundamentalist Vista school board members. Forty-five years ago when I was a teen-ager, my church taught me sex belonged within the protective boundary of marriage. My high school taught me sex outside marriage brought social stigma, unwanted pregnancy and disease. "Church and state" were in agreement and no one's creed was offended. Was there a "narrow ideological agenda" in my classroom? Was the school board divided over condom distribution, abortion referrals and such? Most of us followed the standards of the day and were spared a lot of grief.

We on the Christian right would spare this generation. We don't want to take control of the public schools. Rather we try to influence school policy-makers to return to old-fashioned values on human sexuality that have served us well. It is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.


Yorba Linda

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