OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : OC High asks: Where’s your favorite place to escape from it all?

“I go to the beach. I really love it there, especially at night. You can’t tell where the water ends and the sky begins. It’s really beautiful.”

Christina Bork, 16, junior, Villa Park

“I love to curl up in my blanket and read. I escape to wherever the book takes me.”

Susan Hickman, 17, senior, Valencia


“Disneyland because it’s the happiest place on Earth.”

Allison Jones, 15, sophomore, Brea Olinda

“My closet, since no one can find me when I need to be alone.”

Juan Xoy, senior, Saddleback


“I like to jump behind my drum set and just play, or go do something fun with my friends.”

Chad Griswold, 16, junior, Orange Lutheran

“Some nameless place with coffee and cigarettes.”

John St. Ours, 16, junior, Laguna Beach


“The library, even if you don’t have any work to do. It’s quiet, and no one bothers you.”

Stephanie Hu, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

“I go alone to the beach.”

Matt Bokosky, 17, senior, Irvine


“My favorite place to go and escape is in my music and my piano.”

Scott Scudder, 17, junior, Fountain Valley

“The beach at sunset. I like to sit in the sand just (where) the water comes up and stare out into the ocean.”

Melissa Jones, 16, junior, Newport Harbor


“I usually take a few laps around the park to relax.”

Wendy Del Leal, 16, junior, Santiago

“Many people go home and play isolation, but I am different. My favorite place to escape is any crowded basketball court, where doing bad is OK and doing good results in praise.”

Duc Tran, 15, sophomore, Los Amigos


“Anywhere away from school, which is where 98% of all my stresses lie.”

Christy Mason, 16, junior, Troy

“Gum Grove in Seal Beach. It is very relaxing and beautiful. I love nature and the outdoors.”

Krista Danner, 16, junior, Los Alamitos(


“I go to the park and swing on the swings.”

Corinne Purtill, 14, freshman, Huntington Beach

“A deserted swamp.”

Olivia Bletsos, 14, sophomore, Cornelia Connelly


“The soccer field because you get everything else off your mind and you just focus on the game.”

Alli Mauzer, 14, freshman, Brea Olinda

“The library, during second period.”

Phillip Stinis, 17, senior, Cypress


“The park.”

Eimav Herzog, 15, freshman, Newport Harbor

“My favorite place to relax is my drawing room, where I draw.”

Halen Nguyen, 17, junior, Santiago


“My favorite place to go is my bedroom. There’s nobody to bother me in there. I can just put on the music, and it’s really soothing and relaxing. I can forget about any problem or worries I have. This really takes away all my stresses.”

Tran Nguyen, 16, junior, Los Amigos

“In my bed. I hardly get enough sleep now. Anything past six hours is paradise for me.”

Judy Tseng, 16, junior, Troy


“My walk-in closet. I just shut the door, and I’m away from the rest of the world.”

Stacie Posey, 16, junior, Los Alamitos

“The water polo pool. It helps to relieve my stress, since I’m exercising.”

Johnny Roy, junior, Saddleback


“My imagination, because I can create anything I like there.”

Christina Gillespie, 18, senior, Orange Lutheran

* Responses gathered by Amy Chen, Brea Olinda; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Ling Lu, Valencia; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Roxeanne McGraw, Cypress; Eve Winnick, Loara; Katrina Tangen, Newport Harbor; Leeza Duong, Santiago; Linda Dao, Los Amigos; Corey Griffin, Troy; Amber Pierce, Los Alamitos; Priscilla Leite, Saddleback; Lauren Dunn, Orange Lutheran; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Craig Hammill, Laguna Beach; Amy Woo, Huntington Beach; Gina Tercero, Cornelia Connelly.