NORTHRIDGE : At 90, She’s a Role Model for Active Seniors

Mary Radis, 90, was named “Super Senior Student” at the Reseda Community Adult School, but not for knitting a mean pair of booties.

Twice a week, Radis does two hours of aerobics and dancing at the Wilkinson Community Senior Center in Northridge, across the street from her mobile home park.

Reseda’s adult school offers many of its classes for senior citizens at the Wilkinson center.

“I’ve been active all my life,” she said. “Ever since I went to the theater when I was 7 years old and I saw the actors dancing.”


Radis also conducts a choral group that frequently performs in the neighborhood.

“She’s a good role model (for other seniors),” said Pat Saranow, Radis’ fitness instructor. “You just look at her and you hope you look as good when you’re 90.”

Mother of four, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of 24, Radis said she attributes her health and happiness to all the people around her.

“Life would be so lonesome if I were alone,” she said.


Since her retirement in 1970 from teaching music at Vintage Street Elementary School in North Hills, Radis has teamed up with some of her senior friends for traveling, first just to Hollywood, but eventually, all the way to New Zealand.

“I don’t know how I found time to do all these things, but I guess when you live to be 90, you have the time,” Radis said.