Company Town : Arco Chairman Cook Recuperating After Bypass Surgery

From Bloomberg Business News

Atlantic Richfield Co. Chairman Lodwrick M. Cook was resting comfortably after undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery Saturday, the company announced Monday.

Cook, 66, who retired in June as chief executive of Arco, the seventh-biggest U.S. oil company in terms of revenue, is expected to leave Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles later this week to recuperate at home, the company said.

Cook elected to undergo the operation involving five artery grafts after receiving advice from his doctors, Arco spokesman Albert Greenstein said.

“He had some occasional chest pains that he experienced over a period of time,” Greenstein said. “So they decided to go ahead and do this bypass. He’s been on his feet two times already. I think he’s getting bored.”


Cook is expected to retire as chairman this June when he turns 67, Greenstein said.

Mike Bowlin, who became chief executive last year and kept the position of chief operating officer, is in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations and is expected to become chairman upon Cook’s retirement.

Cook became chief executive in 1985 and chairman in 1986.