Ram Henley's Drug Trial Begins Today

Vigorously maintaining their client's innocence, two attorneys for Ram cornerback Darryl Henley say they expect to prove in the trial that begins today that the Ram cornerback played no part in a cocaine trafficking ring that extended from California to Georgia and allegedly involved Henley and cheerleader Tracy Ann Donaho.

Henley is so confident he will win the case that his lawyers say they have not considered a plea bargain.

Henley, 28, who has declined to discuss the case in recent months, was unavailable for comment, said one of his attorneys, Gerald Chaleff.

Considered one of the Rams' best defensive players after his recently concluded sixth season, Henley was indicted in December 1993 on federal charges of cocaine possession and conspiring to operate a cocaine network from his Brea home.

Donaho is expected to testify against Henley, prosecutors say.

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