SHOP TALK : Get the Plates and Cups to Go With the Bowl : The Monday after Super Sunday may not be declared an official day of rest for party hosts. So spring for the disposable extras.


We do hereby recommend that Monday, Jan. 30, 1995, be declared a national holiday.

Why not? Christmas fell on a Sunday, and the following Monday was a holiday. New Year’s Day was on a Sunday, and the next day was a holiday. The Super Bowl is on a Sunday (this Sunday), so why not make Monday another paid day off from work--if not for everyone, at least for Super Bowl party hosts. They’ll need the rest.

This Super Bowl pits two California teams (San Francisco and San Diego) against one another. As Ventura County is situated about halfway between the two cities, we suspect there are a lot of local football fans who either love or hate these teams. Either way, it makes for great interest in the game.

And nothing heightens the interest more than watching the game with friends. Most fans will be fortunate enough to be party invitees. But somebody’s always got to be the host. Let’s suppose it’s you.


As far as the food and drinks go (submarine sandwiches and a keg, chips and diet soda, champagne and caviar), we’ll leave that up to you. You know your guests better than we do.

Instead, we went shopping last week for disposable plates, cups, napkins and other accessories to help keep the party interesting from start to finish, even when San Francisco moves ahead by about 150 points before halftime.

We chose two party supply stores (Parties Galore in Thousand Oaks and Bonnie’s in Ventura), a Hallmark store (Las Posas Emporium in Camarillo) and several discount stores--though we found the latter group has little interest in the Super Bowl and is already focused on Valentine’s Day.

Your best bet is a good party store.


Let’s start with Parties Galore. The store had matching cups, napkins and plates made by Paper Art Co. These were the only place settings we found that actually referred to Super Bowl XXIX. A pack of eight seven-inch-diameter plates (small) was $1.68. And a pack of eight nine-inch plates (large) was $1.98. Eight nine-ounce cups were $1.78. And a package of 16 small napkins was $1.38. Minimum cost for a party of eight: $4.84.

The store also had supplies from Party Express. The attractive plates, each decorated with the likeness of a National Football League player, were priced at $1.99 for eight small plates, $2.29 for eight large. The matching nine-ounce cups (which instead of pictures had players’ autographs) were eight for $1.99. Autographed napkins were 16 for $1.99. Minimum cost: $5.97.

At Bonnie’s, we found settings decorated with footballs, helmets, goal posts and pennants. The eight-packs of plates were $1.85 (small) and $2.29 (large). The matching nine-ounce cups were $2.09 for eight. And packs of napkins were 16 for $1.85 (small) and $2.39 (large). Minimum cost: $5.79.

Bonnie’s also offered a second setting option, decorated with a football, a field and the words “Football Fever.” The eight-packs of plates were $1.79 (small), $1.99 (large). The pack of eight seven-ounce cups was $1.79. And the set of 16 napkins was $1.69 (small) and $1.89 (large). Minimum cost: $5.27.


Finally, the Las Posas Emporium Hallmark store had matching plates, cups and napkins with a generic sports theme. The prices: Eight plates were $2.10 (small), $3.10 (large). Eight nine-ounce cups were $2.10. And packs of napkins were 16 for $2 (large), $1.55 (small). Minimum cost: $5.75.

Plates, napkins and cups are essentials, but accessories can make the difference between a party to remember and a party to forget. We suggest the following: A 12-foot “Super Bowl XXIX” banner--$2.78 at Parties Galore.

A football pool (betting) game--$1.75 at Parties Galore, $1.49 at Bonnie’s.

A plastic cup with curly straw (with Rams and Raiders logos for you die-hard, suffering fans)--99 cents at Pic ‘N’ Save in Ventura.


A roll of toilet paper with football and pennant design--$3.75 at Bonnie’s.

Football-shaped pasta with soup mix and recipe--$4.50 at Las Posas Emporium.

A San Francisco 49ers bandanna--$5.93 at Wal-Mart in Oxnard.

We suggest investing in as many of these items as you can, so maybe you won’t have to work so hard to keep the guests happy. Because, regardless of what we think, you’ll probably have to show up for work on Monday.