CLEANING UP: Don't worry for now about...

CLEANING UP: Don't worry for now about the county running out of places to put your trash. Recent reports show that the three active landfills here are running well under their daily capacity. And the first won't fill before 2013. But it's not likely they'll be used to help the county's beleaguered finances. . . . Says spokeswoman Cymantha Atkinson: "Two counties who spoke with us wanted to bring in such small amounts it wasn't economically attractive."

STICK AROUND? If you show up for jury duty and don't get picked, don't expect to be dismissed. Many jurors at the county courthouse in Santa Ana this week were asked to come back a second day if they could. Reason: There's a critical shortage of jurors. . . . Court administrator Alan Slater explains that the courts are teeming with cases. But a broader problem: Too many companies are making it difficult for their employees to take time for jury duty. Says Slater: "We hope that, as the recession ends, employers will be more cooperative."

ALONG CAME JONES: If you're at Disneyland on Saturday and your name is not Jones, you may feel left out. To pump excitement about its soon-to-open Indiana Jones attraction, the Anaheim amusement park is hosting 2,000 people named Jones--chosen through promotions--who will march down Main Street to Adventureland, and be the first non-Disney employees to try out the ride. Sorry--if you aren't one of the chosen Joneses, it doesn't open to the public until March 3.

AIRING COMPLAINTS: If you're looking for someone in Orange County to complain to about air pollution, look to new County Supervisor Jim Silva. Silva, a Republican, was appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson this week to the state Air Resources Board. That's California's air pollution control agency. It's a non-paying job. . . . Silva's already on the South Coast Air Quality Management board.



Capacity of the county's three active landfills stretches well into the next century:

Landfill Daily tons received Expected closure Olinda/Alpha 4,600 2013 (Brea) Frank R. Bowerman 4,200 2039 (Irvine) Prima Deshecha 1,000 2060 (San Juan Capistrano)

Source: Orange County General Services Agency

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