History: Museum Needed for Artifacts

As honorary chairman of the City of Santa Monica Centennial Committee, I feel a need to inform my beloved city and community as to how the Santa Monica Historical Society Museum came about.

During the Centennial celebration in 1974, the Centennial Committee discussed how wonderful it would be if we could create an organization that would forever collect, preserve and display items from Santa Monica's history for current and future generations so that all may have an insight into Santa Monica's past.

With those discussions, the Santa Monica Historical Society was born, and the society has a museum with a wonderful collection of memorabilia depicting the history and culture of Santa Monica from its earliest beginnings until now. In addition, an invaluable resource library has been developed.

As the past president of the Santa Monica Historical Society, I sincerely hope the city will consider the Miles Playhouse Landmark as a permanent home for the society's museum.

With a permanent home in which to display this historical collection, the volunteers will be able to devote their time to developing more programs, plays, tours, educational seminars and numerous events. This will benefit all ages of our city: youth, seniors, moms and pops.


Former Mayor,

City of Santa Monica

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