New 'Vienna Card' Now on Sale

Beginning this month, hotels and tourist centers in Austria's capital city are selling a new "Vienna Card" for about $18. Travelers can use the card for free public transportation and to obtain discounts at attractions such as the Schonbrunn Palace, former summer home of the imperial family, and the Hofburg Imperial Palace. It can also be used to purchase discounted tickets at the Konzerthaus, one of the principle venues for classical concerts and, during the summer, for concerts at City Hall and Schonbrunn Palace.

Railway Recovery After Kobe Quake

Nearly four weeks after the Jan. 17 Kobe earthquake, railway recovery continues in Japan, but bullet train service between Osaka, Kobe, Nishi-Akashi and Himeji will not be available until June. The smaller rail lines in and around Kobe are also expected to be running by June. Bus service between Kobe and Port Island and Rokko Island is available and travel between Osaka and Himeji is possible on other Japan Railways lines and buses. While Kobe has been greatly disrupted, other areas of Kansai, including Osaka, Kyoto and Nara, are functioning normally. Tokyo and other areas of Japan have not been affected by the quake.

Chinese Ceramics Go on Display

Eighty Chinese ceramics ranging from the Neolithic Period (about 5000-1900 BC) to the Song (960-1279), go on display Wednesday at the Asia Society in New York City. This is the only U.S. venue for "New Finds, Old Treasures: Early Chinese Ceramics." Many of the pieces were unearthed in the last 15 years, organizers say, and exemplify previously unknown types of Chinese ceramics. Information: (212) 517-NEWS.

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