OXNARD : 7 Arrested During Drunk-Driving Check

Oxnard police nabbed seven drunk drivers and ticketed dozens of other motorists for violating vehicle codes at a drunk-driving checkpoint on Channel Islands Boulevard on Friday night.

Officers screened 746 vehicles and conducted 26 field sobriety tests during the six-hour operation on Westbound Channel Islands, between C Street and Saviers Road.

They also impounded 25 vehicles operated by unlicensed drivers and ticketed 32 motorists for violations ranging from not wearing their seat belts to driving a car with broken tail lights.

The checkpoint was the second conducted since the Oxnard Police Department purchased a mobile trailer to hold suspects and checkpoint equipment in January.

Police are hoping that by conducting a series of such operations, they will discourage motorists from driving drunk.

Last year, during a series of checkpoints held at Oxnard Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway, 18 people were arrested each time, twice the state average based on the number of motorists screened, police said.

In 1993, 57% of the traffic fatalities in Oxnard involved intoxicated drivers, 13% higher than the national average.

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