9 GOP Presidential Aspirants Test New Hampshire Waters

From Reuters

Republican presidential hopefuls fanned out Saturday across the first primary state of New Hampshire to test the political waters on the eve an unofficial kickoff of the 1996 campaign.

Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, the GOP's apparent front-runner, used several "town meetings" to answer questions and ease concerns that at age 71 he is too old to win the White House.

"If you think age is an issue, then you just follow me around for a day," the Kansan told supporters in Keene.

Dole is one of nine likely Republican candidates scheduled to speak today at a party fund-raiser in Manchester. The gathering is being billed as the unofficial kickoff of the 1996 presidential campaign.

Joining Dole will be Sens. Phil Gramm of Texas, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, former Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander, commentators Patrick J. Buchanan and Alan Keyes, Rep. Robert K. Dornan of Garden Grove and former Labor Secretary Lynn Martin.

Dole, whose 1988 presidential bid was derailed by his loss in New Hampshire to George Bush, joked about that primary campaign.

"All the polls were good, but then the people voted," said Dole, who later called this race "different but better" than the 1988 race.

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