Budget Eco-Tourism

For the dedicated eco-tourist with a smaller budget, I have found that the San Diego-based One World Workforce is a great group. Where other trips can run in the thousands of dollars for a week or two, One World keeps the prices down by operating nearly at cost (under $500 for the first week, and less for each following week). The group is now concentrating on sea turtle conservation sites, though they hope to expand into other areas of conservation. Project coordinators are well-organized, friendly and familiar with the language, customs and scientific background of the projects.

These projects are not for the weak-hearted: The work in Baja often included cleaning the captive turtle tanks, digging ditches for a new pipe system, and construction work. Living conditions are rustic. But we also got to snorkel, feed the captive turtles, and take numerous side trips. Contact One World Work Force, P.O. Box 3188, La Mesa, Calif. 91944; tel. (619) 589-5544.


Woodside, Calif.

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