PREVENTION ABC'S: Most national news out of...

PREVENTION ABC'S: Most national news out of here dissects the county's financial debacle. But this week, ABC News boosted the county's image with a positive piece about the probation department's "8% Early Intervention Program." County probationers have found a formula to identify the 8% likely to be repeat juvenile offenders and then help them. . . . One such 16-year-old at Juvenile Hall told ABC: "I don't want to go on hurting people."

SCARLET PLATES? It might not rank with the old public dunkings, but a plan by state Sen. John L. Lewis (R-Orange) could certainly embarrass a few drivers who use too much alcohol. . . . He introduced a bill Thursday requiring a special license plate bannered "Convicted Drunk Driver" for such offenders. Lewis says they should be "forced to face the glare of public scrutiny." Plus, other motorists will know to steer clear of them. It's modeled after a similar Ohio law.

NEW PAGEMASTER: In her book "If You Really Loved Me," Ann Rule describes local attorney Gary M. Pohlson as a "stocky, muscular man with an open, Irish-looking face." You can see that face now in the local bar magazine. . . . New Orange County Bar Assn. President Pohlson uses his first "President's Page" to boast about the bar's new summer intern program in Santa Ana schools--students would serve stints with lawyers here. . . . Says Pohlson: "We already have 10 law firms involved, but we're looking for more."

BAD TIMING: Looking for baseball games where the players are the real deal, not replacements? Cal State Fullerton will host the Anaheim Hilton & Towers Baseball Classic today through Sunday. Texas, Notre Dame and Pepperdine are its other teams. . . . Last year, Fullerton beat both Oklahoma and Georgia Tech in this event, but Oklahoma later defeated Georgia Tech for the national title. Quips Titan Coach Augie Garrido: "We just won the wrong tournament."

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